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Spectrum Systems offers clay roofing tiles manufactured by Santafé Tiles in Columbia, and Ceramica Verea Tiles in Spain. Santafé has developed a worldwide reputation for superior quality tiles, and the widest range of colours and finishes manufactured by a single company. Whatever the aesthetic requirements you may have for a clay tile roof, Santafé has options to meet your needs with a consistently superior quality tile.

Alternatively, if superior economy and a more rustic Spanish look are your priorities, we recommend and stock tiles from Ceramica Verea in Spain. With a coverage rate of only 78 tiles per square (100 ft2), Verea offers the lowest cost clay tile roof in Jamaica, with consistently good quality.


santafeSantafé Tile manufactures the best quality clay roof tiles available in Jamaica, and offers the widest selection of colours and finishes. Spectrums partnership with Santafé has been a joint effort to improve the quality of clay tile roofs being installed here, and to introduce a beautiful range of colour options that may be used to create blended clay tile roofs. We stock both Spanish “S” and Flat Tiles in several different colours each, so that you can create the most unique and beautiful roof in your neighbourhood. And as usual, we back superior selection with the largest inventories of Santafé Tiles in Jamaica, by far. If you need a Santafé roof, you’ll be visiting Spectrum sooner or later...

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Message from Santafé

Santafé manufactures high quality, yet affordable clay roof tiles that enhance the beauty and value of any property. One of the main characteristics of Santafé is the wide variety of colors to choose from, and with over 50 different colors available you can truly create a unique roof...

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Ceramica Verea

veraIf superior economy and very good quality are your priorities for a clay tile roof, look no further than Verea Tiles from Spain as your best choice. A highly automated production process with rigid quality controls, and an unusually large coverage per tile guarantee the best value for money you can obtain for a clay tile roof in Jamaica.

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