Wooden Roofing

Spectrum Systems stocks both Western Red Cedar roofing from Canada and Wallaba Shingles from Guyana, all premium grade stocks and the best quality available. In Cedar, we stock untreated, CCA treated, and fire retardant (Class C) treated shingles. We also stock tapersawn and handsplit shakes. In Wallaba, we stock premium grade shingles.

Spectrum backs superior selection with the largest combined inventories in Jamaica, assuring you of reliable supplies of the best wood roofing available.

Cedar Roofing

Western Red Cedar roofing has been installed on homes throughout Jamaica for many years. It remains the roofing of choice for building owners who want to retain a natural, sophisticated and even rustic look for their properties. Spectrum has taken the initiative in this market and has presented to the consumer the widest selection of cedar roofing options available from a single supplier. And all of our cedar products carry Certi® labels confirming premium best-you-can-buy quality, as certified by Canada’s Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. Our supplier S&W Forest Products is one of the leading Bureau certified manufacturers in British Columbia, Canada, undergoing frequent successful quality audits.

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Wallaba Roofing

Wallaba Shingle roofing has recently made great strides in Jamaica in gaining acceptance as a high durability alternative to traditional wood roofing. Wallaba is a hardwood that grows throughout South America, with Guyana being the leading source for shingles manufactured from this very dense and durable wood. With a lifespan of 40 years and the naturally warm sophistication of a wood roof, Wallaba has a bright future as a cost effective roofing option. Our Wallaba Shingles are manufactured by one of Guyana’s leading companies in this field, and are certified to be premium grade best-you-can-buy quality.

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