Waterproofing Membranes

Spectrum Systems is Jamaica’s largest distributor of modified bitumen waterproofing membranes and related products. We stock the largest inventories and widest range of membranes by far, and supply most major projects island wide.

Our membranes range in thickness from 2 - 5 mm, and are supplied in rolls from 7.5 – 20 meters in length. Reinforcements consist of non-woven polyester and fibreglass mats of varying weights and durability. And they are finished plain, granular or with reflective Aluminium foils. Both torch-on and self adhesive products are stocked, with APP and SBS modifiers. We also stock root resistant membranes for garden waterproofing applications.

Our primary suppliers are EDIL C.A. of Venezuela and Novaglass S.P.A. of Italy. In a first for any local supplier, Spectrum has contracted Novaglass to produce our own branded membranes manufactured to our specifications which are optimised for harsh Jamaican tropical conditions.

Modified bitumen waterproofing membranes were first introduced to the Jamaican market over 20 years ago, and have since become the leading waterproofing system for low-slope roofs and numerous water and damproofing applications. We conservatively estimate that a minimum 60% of all waterproofing jobs are executed using these membranes, with the rest of the market divided between traditional asphalt based built-up roofing, SPF Polyurethane Foam, elastomeric coatings, etc. Spectrum supplies most of the modified bituminous membranes used in Jamaica.


EDIL membranes and related products were first introduced to the Jamaican market about 15 years ago by Spectrum Systems. The EDIL name is synonymous with this roofing system and their products have been used everywhere in Jamaica from the largest projects including the Iberostar Resort and the University/UHWI complex, to the smallest residential repair projects. The various EDIL products we regularly stock are the following.

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Novaglass SPA

Novaglass membranes were introduced to the Jamaican market by Spectrum about 5 years ago and have proven themselves to be of consistently superior quality. We took the initiative to specify the products and contract with Novaglass to manufacture our own Spectrum branded membranes which are specifically designed to cope with the harsh tropical conditions here. These products have established a unique position in the marketplace due to their superior quality, and have been specified for use on major projects islandwide including the main terminal building at the Sangster International Airport, and roof garden applications at the Iberostar Resort. The data sheets for these products are provided below.

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